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60 Ketron Avenue
Lebanon, VA  24266
How to Become a Member of Our Church
There are 3 things we ask of you concerning membership:
  1.  Has there been a time in your life when you personally acknowledged you are a
       sinner, accepted  Christ as your Savior and made Him Lord of your life?
  2.  Have you been obedient to Jesus’ command to follow in Believer’s Baptism? At
       Bethel Baptist we believe this is baptism by immersion, as it is a picture of
       Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.
   3. Do you have the desire to serve and minister to others in the name of Jesus 
       with this like- minded body of believers?
If the Lord leads you to join our church family, here are a couple of options:
  1   Please schedule a meeting with our pastor to address any questions
       you may have regarding your new church home.
  2.  During any of the services at Bethel, come forward at the invitation time
       and share with the pastor your desire to become a member of this church   
       family. At this time you will be asked the 3 questions listed above before  
       being presented to the church.
* We also request that you attend the New Members Class when offered